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    Test equipment is often the most significant capital expense for technology companies. Yet typical utilization rates for test equipment are as low as 10%, and equipment health is not monitored. Low utilization and low overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) wastes both capital and operating expenses and reduces funding available for other critical programs.

    Increase your test asset ROI

    Monitor real-time utilization and equipment health data

    Best in class companies know that investing to improve test asset management directly reduces capital and operating expenses (CapEx and OpEx). You can apply realized savings to new technology development and vital engineering resources.

    The monitoring of real-time, actionable utilization and health data enables you to take action to dramatically decrease test equipment CapEx and OpEx. PathWave Asset Advisor is at the core of test asset management and optimization. PathWave Asset Advisor, together with Keysight experts, allows rapid, data-supported decisions to maximize your return on test asset investments.

    Free Up Budget to Invest in the Latest Technologies

    Simplify Compliance Management

    Easily locate and ensure compliance management for all your assets

    Use the latest technology and a disciplined process to manage the visibility, availability, compliance, and overall equipment effectiveness of all your test assets. One wireless chipset manufacturer reduced write-offs of lost assets by 66%, while an aerospace and defense customer reduced rental charges by 50% by using Keysight's Test Asset Optimization Services.

    • Track the location of your test assets for instant access by teams.
    • Reduce operating expenses with one vendor-agnostic management system.
    • Easily streamline inventory management and compliance audits.

    Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness

    Know true equipment utilization and health with real-time monitoring

    Monitor asset utilization and physical condition with true utilization data captured by agents and sensors. One RF manufacturer discovered an under-utilized network analyzer and used it for $230,000 worth of trade-in credits. Real-time temperature monitoring also identified an environmental issue resulting in inaccurate measurements. Correcting this issue helped prevent early component failures.

    • Use OEE data to optimize equipment usage and procurement.
    • Quickly identify and resolve equipment issues.

    Increase Asset Optimization

    Optimize test asset usage by sharing equipment across teams

    Share equipment across teams and locations with a central pooling service. Continuously monitor assets to identify instruments available for upgrade, trade-in, or disposal. One chipset manufacturer diverted funds to other programs after they identified four under-utilized signal generators. The manufacturer used the Keysight Loan Pooling Service to increase utilization of existing equipment rather than purchasing new equipment.

    • Share assets across teams, labs, and manufacturing.
    • Reduce OpEx and overhead by eliminating aging and underused assets.
    • Preserve budget using trade-ins, buy-back programs, and rentals.

    Establish Asset Management Within and Across Teams

    Research and Development

    If each engineer has fifteen instruments, investments can range up to $1 million per engineer. Could loan pools reduce costs?

    Test and Verification

    What if you could look across a global inventory to locate available and compliant-ready assets when you are ready to design a new test system?


    The average manufacturing production area instruments valued at $30 million. Could you avoid unplanned downtime with equipment monitoring?

    Get more out of your test assets

    Shift your perspective, enhance your processes, and transform test asset insights into an increased return on investment.

    Download the e-Book today to improve your results.

    Want help or have questions?