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    A calibration label does not always mean your instruments are in tolerance and making accurate measurements. If your instrument is out-of-specification (out-of-tolerance), you can no longer trust your test results.

    Are you 100% confident your calibration service partner provides an accurate calibration?

    You May Face More Risk Than You Know

    When was the last time you verified the information on your calibration report? Using older instruments to calibrate your test equipment puts you at risk for lower accuracy. Or even worse, critical parameters may not be tested at all.

    Data from 10 calibration service providers show all but one tested performance of less than 50% of the instrument’s specifications — in some cases, testing was less than 25%. If your tests rely on key critical specifications that are missed during calibration, your test equipment is likely out-of-specification. And you can no longer trust your test results. This uncertainty puts your reputation at enormous risk.

    Avoid Measurement Decision Risk

    Calibration is your assurance that your test system is performing to specification. When you perform a measurement and subsequently compare the result to a specification, making a statement of conformity, you have two possible outcomes:

    A. correct pass / fail decision

    B. incorrect pass / fail decision

    Two labs, A and B can observe identical measurement results but with different measurement uncertainties.

    Given the choice of A or B, you would want to select A. Choice B often occurs when third-party calibration labs measure your instrument’s current performance with lab standards that are not up to the task.

    Keysight minimizes the uncertainties of measurements during the development of performance tests, both in the selection of lab standards and in the calibration procedures. You can count on correct pass / fail results for any calibration that Keysight performs.

    Transform Hidden Challenges into Business Opportunity

    KeysightCare: Support. Elevated.

    When the pressure is on, costly delays result from waiting on tools, answers, or help. KeysightCare is ensured action, providing a new level of service and support to help your team deliver better results, consistently. As your equipment evolves with the complexity of your design, so should the support you receive. Get faster response, faster access to experts, and faster resolution.

    Avoid Overdue Calibrations

    Select Infiniium Real-Time Oscilloscopes, Network, Signal, and Noise Figure Analyzers now include on-screen calibration due reminders on the front panel.

    To ensure your instruments perform to Keysight factory specifications, calibrations are required. Our new feature, PathWave Calibration Advisor, helps you count on the accuracy of your measurements. From your screen, you get calibration due reminders, access to your calibration certificates, list of instrument configuration details, and easy service ordering direct from Keysight.

    Experience the Delivery you Need


    Send your equipment to us and count on fast, predictable turnaround time.

    Local Pick-Up

    Get convenient courier-based pickup in countries where available.

    Onsite Service

    Reduce downtime from days to hours with an onsite service that fits your schedule.

    Onsite Resident Professional

    Manage calibrations and repairs with an onsite professional at your site.

    Keysight Instrument Calibration

    We measure every specification, every option, every time.

    Choose the standard compliance to meet your test strategy

    Select the right calibration for your Keysight instruments. Maybe you need measurement uncertainties, guardbanding, an accredited calibration, or a primary standards lab calibration. Alternatively, perhaps your calibration report needs to satisfy a particular ISO or ANSI metrology standard such as IS0 17025:2005 or ANSI Z540.3-2006. Keysight offers a wide range of calibrations to ensure you meet your requirements to your local and global needs.

    All Keysight Service centers are accredited to their local accreditation body such as JCSS, CNAS, Poverka, UKAS, ANAB, and so many more.

    One-Stop Calibration Services

    One trusted partner. Multi-brands.

    Keysight’s expanded calibration services are the convenient way to ensure the ongoing accuracy and availability of all your test assets. We’ll work with you to create a customized solution that includes electronic instruments as well as physical, dimensional, optical and mechanical equipment.

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