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    Network Modeling using Network Digital Twins

    The use of the network digital twin reduces recurring costs and lead times and provides an easier way to perform analysis, testing, and optimization. The framework enables testing of a large number of networks in a low-cost, lab-based setting with a small hardware footprint while reducing risk in fielding frequently changing network devices and programs. The network digital twin’s ability to respond exactly like a live network can play a key role in testing cybersecurity and helping to defend the networked systems against evolving cyber threats.

    Scalable Network Technologies is Now Part Of Keysight Technologies

    With rich experience and expertise in network digital twins and multi-domain network modeling; SCALABLE, now part of Keysight Technologies, offers industry-leading network digital twin solutions enabling defense and commercial industry leaders to accelerate their design cycles and construct 'what if' scenarios to predict how critical communication networks will behave against cyber threats.

    Alongside the Scalable portfolio, Keysight enables customers to model, prototype, and assess multi-domain networks and applications through software simulation, reducing risks during development and improving time to market.

    Read More about SCALABLE being part of Keysight.

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    Network Digital Twins - Defense Solutions

    Modern warfare requires integration across all domains: land, sea, air, space, and cyber. Our Network Digital Twin technology provides design and analysis tools and cyber training systems to develop, test and deploy large sophisticated wired and wireless networks and communications equipment. We offer multi-domain network solutions to mitigate threats by accurately modeling the impact of cyber attacks as well as analysis, system testing and hardening, and training.

    Network Digital Twins - Critical Infrastructure

    Network digital twins offer organizations a solution to predict how the networked enterprise, or at least the critical sub-systems, will behave when under cyber attack. To assure that cyber resilience is not a one-time effort, IT managers and network planners must continuously assess their current network’s vulnerabilities to known and emerging threats and proactively update their strategies.

    Network Digital Twins - Autonomous Technology

    Our network digital twin modeling and simulation tools are used throughout the world to make vehicles safer. They provide a powerful capability for simulation of networks that incorporate a diverse variety of environmental, protocol, mobility, and network traffic configurations for urban environments, vehicle mobility, fading, shadowing, path loss and interference, 802.11p, LTE, and 5G.

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