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    Network Security Tools

    Dynamic security intelligence helps you stay one step ahead of attacks

    Security Operations Suite

    Fight back against attackers. Strengthen security operations with Keysight's SecOps tools. Simulate attacks, reduce alert fatigue, and prove you're safer than you were yesterday.


    Threat Simulator

    Safely simulate attacks on your live network with breach and attack simluation. Validate your security tools, discover vulnerabilities in your security posture, and get step-by-step remediation instructions.


    Stop attackers in their tracks. Block bad traffic from entering your network. Reduce alert fatigue by stemming the flood of notifications from your SIEM and security tools.

    Network Security Test

    Ensure the highest-performing security for your network and applications.


    Validate the security posture of your networks with real applications and a complete range of threat vectors

    BreakingPoint VE
    Virtual edition of Breaking Point to validate the security posture of your networks with real applications and a complete range of threat vectors

    BreakingPoint QuickTest
    Turn-Key performance and security testing to validate devices and network security with real-world applications and threat vectors

    BreakingPoint Cloud
    A SaaS cybersecurity monitoring platform with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack simulation

    Translate production network traffic into real traffic stimulus for BreakingPoint tests

    Validate?security?and?performance of?hybrid / cloud infrastructures with industry-first cloud-native, elastic test application

    IoT Security Test

    Quickly find security flaws in connected devices before product introduction or deployment.


    IoT Security Assessment
    Comprehensive, automated security testing for IoT devices

    Application and Threat Intelligence

    Understand which applications are running on your network and ensure no rogue applications are hijacking your bandwidth.


    Advanced intelligence and application-level visibility

    Application and Threat Intelligence Subscription
    Continuous real-time data feeds to ensure current application and threat intelligence at all times

    Software Enterprise Agreement

    Deploy a Keysight Software Enterprise Agreement to capture continuous value for your organization. Enterprise Agreements deliver flexible, cost-effective access to Keysight’s broad software portfolio through a re-mixable license pool.

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