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    VXI bus is an established standard with many years of success. Together with standards like VXIplug&play and SCPI, VXI platform has gained popularity in electronic tests. Keysight's large portfolio of full-featured, instrument-quality VXI measurement modules lets you develop systems for a broad range of applications and measurement domains such as DC, analog, RF, and microwave.

    Keysight's open industry software and I/O standards take the hassle out of creating test code and lower the true cost of test, so you can deliver accurate results swiftly.

    VXI Instruments

    • Measurement modules such as digitizers, digital multimeters (DMM), counters, and power meters
    • Stimulus modules such as arbitrary waveform generators (AWG), and D/A converters
    • Scalable, high density switches for up to 3000 channels


    • Data acquisition (DAQ)
    • Automated test
    • Control applications

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