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    Easily Arrange and Rearrange Your Test Systems

    Keysight offers a broad range of USB-based instruments and modules to meet the demands of many applications. Choose the Keysight Streamline Series when you need a compact solution with the applications and accuracy of comparable benchtop instruments. Or choose from Keysight's USB modular products for general-purpose applications.

    Keysight Streamline Series

    Balance deadlines, productivity, budget, and bench space with the new Keysight Streamline Series. These instruments use the same technologies as our trusted benchtop instruments, so you know you are getting high-quality measurements. You’ll move confidently across every stage of your product development life cycle by leveraging accurate and repeatable measurements, automated code capability, and a consistent, intuitive user experience across all platforms: USB, benchtop, and modular. With easy plug-and-go PC connection and compact size, these new instruments are perfect for sharing between labs and facilities.

    • compact form with zero performance compromises
    • high-performance USB 3.0 interface
    • complete code compatibility with Keysight benchtop instruments

    Keysight USB Modular Instruments

    You can use Keysight's additional USB modular products alone or plugged into a compatible chassis to make synchronized measurements as a modular unit. Make essential measurements with these modules and a laptop computer through USB connections. Through individual windows, the Keysight BenchVue software provides a friendly soft front-panel interface for each modular product. This helps you perform quick configuration and measurement acquisition, as well as flexible analysis of measured data.

    • portable compact modules
    • simple USB setup
    • easy-to-use software
    • flexible channel expansion
    • multiple synchronized measurements
    • BenchVue enabled

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